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Tom Bershad, Founder and CEO of Next Level Advisors

Tom Bershad
Founder & CEO

Tom is an entrepreneur, company builder, marketer and branding expert. He is well known to his industry peers for his ability to combine visionary leadership with his experience as a highly seasoned operations executive. Building and leading companies is what Tom does best. Tom is best known for founding and building the global marketing research firm, Focus Pointe Global (www.focuspointeglobal.com). Seven years ago, Tom sold the majority of his stock in that company.

Today, working through the offices of Next Level Advisers, Tom offers his services as a business advisor and consultant to highly motivated CEO’s of growth stage entrepreneurial firms. He also recently founded a personal growth online marketing firm, Harmonious Holdings, LLC. Its most visible asset is AboutMeditation.com

Tom’s business career spans nearly three decades. During this time he has either founded, acquired and built eight successful companies. Encompassing areas as diverse as real estate and marketing information services, his most successful ventures have been in the market testing and opinion research industries. As of this date, he has exited all but his two current businesses through private sales and most recently to Private Equity.

Tom graduated from Tufts University, of Boston, MA, with a degree in Psychology. He has done graduate work in Counseling Psychology and Business Management. Over the years, he has held several Board positions with both private and nonprofit organizations

Tom Bershad | Founder & CEO

My Story

Tom Bershad, Founder and CEO of Next Level Advisors

An Entrepreneur Like You

My name is Tom Bershad and for the past 35 years, I’ve been an entrepreneur just like you. I have built, purchased and sold eight different businesses. Several have been multi-million dollar companies, the rest were small enterprises. I have worked in a variety of industries ranging from real estate, consumer services, web-based digital products and marketing research.

A Diverse Career

Throughout my career I have been involved in every aspect of business development. I have built six companies from the ground up, engaged in business mergers, acquisitions and sales, and shepherded each business through every level of inevitable change, restructuring and growth. I have built numerous departments, redesigned processes, headed software development initiatives and expanded my last business to a national footprint with multiple locations in over a fifteen US markets. See our site at:

Tom Bershad - Next Level Advisors

From Founder to Seller

In 2012 I sold my oldest and largest business to Private Equity. This deal allowed me to walk away with enough money that my family and I will be very comfortable when I finally retire. The deal I made is one model that can work in almost any business, industry or niche. However, I can help you build a business that is attractive to a variety of buyers, investors and synergistic acquirers. Yes, it is true that the web based businesses are getting most of the press and the really big dollars right now. However, the formula for building a platform business is one that can work in many industry categories.

Tom Bershad, Next Level Advisors

Paying it Forward

Today I act as a key advisor to a variety of highly motivated entrepreneurs. I created Next Level Advisors as a platform to teach what I know to those who want to learn. The companies I work with are usually transformed within one to two years. Big change happens in stages. Within three months the biggest changes are usually well underway. The result is a company that is on the road to being properly funded, organized with the right people and systems and moving toward the most profitable and efficient growth model.

Anyone I work with will have the chance to see the business they own become a thriving, growth platform for the future. One that throws off significant profits and someday will be sold for millions to an eager buyer. You can contact me directly, or click below to get a free evaluation of your business.

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